Although scholars have studied the Utrecht Psalter for the last century and a half, the manuscript still remains an enigma. Dozens of scholars have produced in-depth analyses of (parts of) the Psalter. Yet matters such as the dating, production, commission and the purpose of the manuscript are still not agreed upon.

For instance, we still do not know exactly how the Utrecht Psalter ended up, via Robert Cotton,  into the  hands of Willem de Ridder, who donated the manuscript it to the Utrecht University Library in 1716. Also the research about the influence of the iconography of the Utrecht Psalter in Francia and England continues to yield new results.

New insights

It is almost twenty years ago that the latest update of scholarship on the Utrecht Psalter was published. In 1996 the Utrecht Psalter was part of an exhibition in Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht. The exhibition catalogue The Utrecht Psalter in medieval art: picturing the psalms of David, edited by Koert van der Horst, William Noel en Helen Wüstefeld, contains  articles written by  experts in the field of medieval manuscripts.

New questions

Yet scholarship is never static: new insights cast doubt on fundamental matters of the Utrecht Psalter. The publication of the new annotated digital edition of the Utrecht Psalter forms a good opportunity to discuss these questions and other contributions to Utrecht Psalter scholarship. The digital edition also contains an overview of the current state of research.

Fifteen chapters

In the coming period fifteen chapters will be published in random order. The articles will give information about the production, art, background, influence and history of the Utrecht Psalter. Each chapter ends with its own bibliography. An extensive bibliography on the Utrecht Psalter is published separately.

All chapters are indebted to the articles by Van der Horst and his colleagues and forebears, but also discuss the results of later scholarship.


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